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Keep Mobile Beautiful
is an affiliate of the national
Keep America Beautiful System.

"Our Mission is to motivate Mobilians
to take greater individual responsibility
for the improvement of their community environment."


About Us

Keep America Beautiful, Inc., a nonprofit organization whose network of local, statewide and international affiliate programs educate individuals about litter prevention and ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and properly manage waste materials, and improve their communities. 

Through partnerships and strategic alliances with citizens, businesses and government, Keep America Beautiful’s national and affiliate programs motivate millions of volunteers annually to clean up, beautify and improve their neighborhoods, thereby creating healthier, safer and more livable community environments.

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Planting Trees

Keep Mobile Beautiful is a department of the City of Mobile and is staffed by three city employees.

The Beautification Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator and the Office Assistant carry out the plans, programs and projects of the Keep Mobile Beautiful Commission in accordance with all guidelines as set forth by the City of Mobile and the Mobile County Personnel Board.

The Keep Mobile Beautiful office is housed at 1451 Government Street.



Mascot Sparky


Mascot "Sparky and Volunteers

Keep Mobile Beautiful is responsible for the operation of the Metro Mobile Recycling Drop-Off Center which is also located at 1451 Government Street.

As a function of Keep Mobile Beautiful, the recycling center is funded through our city department budget.

Our funding for special projects, programs, and educational materials is supplied through in-kind contributions, grants, tax deductible contributions from business and industry, special fund raisers, and the community.





Electronics Recycling Event

All projects and programs affect every segment of the community. Therefore, we depend on volunteers to accomplish many of the goals and objectives of Keep Mobile Beautiful.

The office of Keep Mobile Beautiful is funded through the budget of the City of Mobile.  All special projects for beautification, litter prevention/cleanup, recycling and the Clean Campus Program are funded through grants, in-kind contributions and individual/corporate contributions to Keep Mobile Beautiful, Inc., a nonprofit, 501 (C) 3 organization.



Praxair Tree Potting Event

Keep Mobile Beautiful, founded in 1986, is an affiliate of the national organization, America Beautiful. 

Keep Mobile Beautiful is governed by a twenty eight member Commission.  Seven are appointed by the Mobile City Council and 21 are elected at large from the community.  Commissioners serve a two year term and can be re-elected to serve a second, two year term. 





xmas tree recycling

Christmas Tree Recycling

The purpose of the Keep Mobile Beautiful Commission is to work with the Mayor and Council and the Keep Mobile Beautiful office to:

  • 1)    Promote public interest in improving the quality of life for all Mobilians
  • 2)    Assist in the establishment of a city-wide program to reduce litter and sustain that reduction
  • 3)    To beautify public lands through public/private partnerships
  • 4)    Encourage beautification projects and tree preservation
  • 5)    Form public/private partnerships throughout the community to achieve these goals and objectives.
  • 6)    Develop and promote recycling initiatives including collection events and operation of the Metro Recycling Center.




Electronics Recycling at the Fairgrounds

Keep Mobile Beautiful, Inc., was established in 1992 as a nonprofit, educational corporation to support the goals and objectives of Keep Mobile Beautiful.

In 2010, the commission and Keep Mobile Beautiful, Inc. merged to form a more efficient organization.






Neighborhood Tree Planting Project

The powers of Keep Mobile Beautiful, Inc. shall be:

  • 1)    To receive and administer funds for community education and environmental improvement
  • 2)    Complete projects as directed by the Commissioners
  • 3)    To enter into contracts for the accomplishment of projects approved by the Commissioners
  • 4)    To enlist the services of community volunteers, both individual and corporate, to accomplish the goals and objectives of Keep Mobile Beautiful.



keep america beautiful logo

The mission of the national Keep America Beautiful program, through a system of local and state affiliates, is to empower individuals to take greater responsibility for enhancing their community environment.  Keep America Beautiful accomplishes its mission through a mandate “To address issues that relate to those physical and visual aspects of the community environment that individuals can personally and directly impact through their actions.”





The Keep America Beautiful National Education Focus is threefold:

  • Litter Prevention
  • Beautification and Community Improvement
  • Minimizing the impact of solid waste on communities

Keep America Beautiful utilizes four pressure points for change:

  • 1)    Continuing Education
  • 2)    Technology
  • 3)    Ordinances
  • 4)    Enforcement





Keep Mobile Beautiful projects include:  Clean Campus Program, Great American Cleanup, AT&T Wireless Litterbug Hotline, Metro Recycling Center, Christmas Tree Recycling events, Tree Planting Projects, Public Outreach Programs, Teacher Training Workshops and Special Event Presentations.

Keep Mobile Beautiful committees include:  Litter, Public Awareness/Education (Media), Clean Campus, Beautification and Finance, Recycling and others as needed.

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